Greg Moverley

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The short one:


Greg Moverley is a writer of urban folk songs, absurd fiction & street poems. He spends his days courting the muse in style. Steadily gaining fans with a down-to-earth stage presence and nimble finger-picking, this well-kept secret won't be one for long.


The long one:


At 17 Greg picked up the guitar and he’s been obsessed ever since. He’s spent a long time honing his craft and it shows; his songs are witty, well-crafted and loaded with memorable lines.

Greg's been steadily gaining fans with his down-to-earth stage presence. Armed with an eclectic bag of songs and nimble finger-picking, an evening with him encompasses everything from his own unique brand of urban folk to old country blues to ragtime instrumentals and everything in between.

“I don’t differentiate between styles or eras. Songs complement each other and a carnival song from the turn of the last century might be a good lead in to one I wrote last week. A good song is a good song and if I can do it justice onstage I’ll play it.”

Greg’s been busy promoting his independent releases:

There's the song & video capturing the childhood eyes and hearts of people everywhere with "Fisher Price Town". Song by Greg, video by Kate Hammer, it screened at the Hamilton Film Fest (2013) and won the Best Music award.

There's "Mudhollow"; a stripped-down, intimate and organic collection of guitar songs recorded in one session at famed Halifax studio The Mullet (Ultramagnetic Recording). The performance captures Greg at his best; playing from the heart.

"Urban Folk" is a full-length album delivering Greg's own unique brand of clever originals: timeless, folky, acoustic guitar driven gems, melodic and loaded with memorable lines.

A consummate writer with a DIY aesthetic, "Pony Rides" is Greg's first collection of short stories. Venturing forth into the realm of what he calls "absurd fiction", this engaging collection captures 13 unique and quirky gems from his offbeat mind.

"20 Odd Years" is a collection of poetry and various writings, personally selected gems culled from Greg's notebooks over twenty odd years of writing.

Always working, Greg is in the studio planning and plotting the next release. Details to be revealed soon - keep an eye out though, Greg Moverley is one to watch. This release is set to be a real humdinger that will introduce this well-kept secret to a wider audience.


Artist statement:


I first started writing when I was 16 years old; I'm now at the point where writing has wasted my life for well over twenty years.

In long ago days I was carefree, a gad-about, wandering my time away. Something changed however; the voices within, swelling and puffing in majestic pride at the beauty of words on page flowing to their own internal harmonic rhythm. Needless to say, late nights carousing were subtly replaced with the cold dank of the basement and the dark light of the first river of words.

Stories and songs find their way to me in any number of ways; a misheard turn of phrase, chirping birds (sparrows have the funnier lines), drug-induced trance and the occasional registered mail from the muse. I often sign for the package “A. Writer”, even though they are clearly addressed to me. I don’t know why they come to me; maybe it's because I think they deserve justice to be born and worked over (believe me, they’re not all winners). Or perhaps they just like my voice.

Regardless, I feel it's my duty to bring forth these works that came through the haze of the muse. To release them, to give them legs so they'll stand on their own in the hopes of gaining an audience wider than myself.

- Greg

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