Greg Moverley

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Urban Folk

by Greg Moverley

“Urban Folk” is the first official album from songwriter Greg Moverley and delivers his own unique brand of clever originals: timeless, folky, acoustic guitar driven gems, melodic and loaded with memorable lines. Greg deftly touches on the woes of record store owners, empty houses & prostitutes; the highs & lows of barstool drunks & scientology converts; the throes of a soldier's wife who doesn't want to be where she is. Character studies like short stories brought to life that will get stuck in your head; the more you listen the more you'll see.


Dave Gould, Co-Producer: percussion, bone concoction, background vocals, inspiration, lunch

Will Gillespie: electric guitar

Orange McFarland: stand-up bass

Chris Cracknell: organ, accordion

Greg Moverley: acoustic guitar, vocals

All songs written by Greg, except “Gwabi, Gwabi” (Trad, arr by Greg) - (2015)

© 2017 Greg Moverley